Monday, January 30, 2017

On Hellas Pindakaas Greek Radio Show in Amsterdam

About Hellas Pindakaas

Hellas Pindakaas is a weekly radio show in Greek at Amsterdam radio station Salto organized by Nikos Koulousios, a Greek living in Amsterdam. It comes together with a web portaal where besides the show information you can find all sort of useful information related to Greece and Netherlands. 

The name for those that don't understand dutch and greek may not be understood, though it is genious. Hellas=Greece (in Greek). Pindakaas=Peanutbutter (in dutch), while Helaas=Unfortunately (in dutch) and the phrase Helaas Pindakaas = Bad luck (in dutch). 

I have joined the show twice, invited by Nikos to have a chat about differeent topics. The first was about Friendship where we spoke with Rena specifically competition in friendship. The second was a Greek Rock special where we listened with  


A nice philosophical discussion with my friend Rena about friendship. Why we lose friends and is there competition between friends.  More information and listen to the radio show (in Greek).

Greek Rock Special

Nice show I participated where we listened with Giannis some Greek rock anthems selected by Nikos and our Greek rock memories. More information and listen to the radio show (in Greek).

Hellas Pinkdakaas - Tribute to Greek Rock