Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me and cycling

As most of my friends know, my relationship with cycling is quite special. Many Greeks consider it weird that I was using it as my main means of transport in Athens. I was also participating at Podilates cycling community in order to promote cycling as a means of transport in Athens.
I was also very excited when Evridiki asked me to contribute with a mini-interview (pdf) at Kathimerini's weekly magazine "K" in her article on Cycling in Greece.

Having moved to Amsterdam, a paradise for cyclists, I decided to start a "Cycling Report from Amsterdam" blog (in greek) in order to communicate things I see here that might be interesting for the greek cyclists. Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Moving to Amsterdam

This is my last week in Athens. In 10 days from now I ll be living and working in Amsterdam. I am not sure I have realized that. I am flying on September 11th - watch out terrorrists! Don't ask me how long I 'll stay, time will show. I feel excitement for the new life but melancholy for what I am leaving behind, mixed with some stress for the last minute arrangements.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

For SCI Hellas on TV

Greek newspaper TA NEA included recently an article titled "Getting to know the world through volunteering" which included experiences from Greek volunteers volunteering abroad including me (pdf)! I talked about my participation in a cultural workcamp in Nijmegen, the Netherlands some years ago through SCI .
Other journalists found the idea interesting and I was given the chance to talk in the National Greek Television NET which made a similar report on this in the central news, interviewing 2 volunteers and the coordinator of SCI Hellas, as well as SKAI (ΣΚΑΙ) Television which invited me, representing SCI Hellas to a morning show to talk about volunteering.