Friday, August 28, 2009

Suriname - Aruba - Curacao

The summer of 2009 my family and I had a chance to do our first transantlantic flight and familiarize with some countries that we hardly knew couple of time ago.

Suriname: Suriname is a country in south America but due to its diverse history, different cultures have developed and coexist here that make the place so unique. You hardly find any tourists in the capital Paramaribo (called wooden city because of the wooden houses). Although it was humid and hot, I enjoyed a lot walking around its market and tasting local food.
The highlight, though in our trip to Suriname was the excursion to the national park Voltzberg/Ralleighvallen. We had the chance then to see how it is in a real jungle get to know the local people even more and see unforgettable sceneries. The flight was with a small plane which gave us the chance to enjoy the view of Paramaribo as well as tropical rain falling in the jungle from the air. The place we stayed amazed us and we couldn't get enough of watching the view to the river from our balcony. Although we ve never been more tired, the 8-hour walk through the jungle to the top of the mountain Voltzberg was will always remain in our memories, but also bathing under the waterfalls when this was over.

Aruba: Aruba is a Carribean island with a a very cosmopolitan atmosphere and is quite touristic. What is the most amazing about this island is the kilometers long sandy beaches with the turquoise sea colour at the west part of the island, where one can enjoy a beautiful sunset. We also enjoyed snorkeling at Baby beach and watching colourful and big fishes approaching us. If you want to avoid the commercial restaurants try local cuisine at Nos Cunucu. Typical of the island's fauna and fauna is the divi divi trees and the cactuses as well as the lizards and iguanas.

Curacao: The capital Wilhelmstad of Curacao is a lively Carribean town with beautiful dutch architecture along the main canal and beautiful colourful houses all over. The north-west part of the island contains some not very frequented but very beautiful beaches (Grote Knip among them with green sea colour) and picturesque lagoons where you might see flamingos and other tropical birds. It is also fascinating watching the big waves in the north-east part in the Shete Boka (seven small gulfs) national park.
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