Monday, January 30, 2017

On Hellas Pindakaas Greek Radio Show in Amsterdam

About Hellas Pindakaas

Hellas Pindakaas is a weekly radio show in Greek at Amsterdam radio station Salto organized by Nikos Koulousios, a Greek living in Amsterdam. It comes together with a web portaal where besides the show information you can find all sort of useful information related to Greece and Netherlands. 

The name for those that don't understand dutch and greek may not be understood, though it is genious. Hellas=Greece (in Greek). Pindakaas=Peanutbutter (in dutch), while Helaas=Unfortunately (in dutch) and the phrase Helaas Pindakaas = Bad luck (in dutch). 

I have joined the show twice, invited by Nikos to have a chat about differeent topics. The first was about Friendship where we spoke with Rena specifically competition in friendship. The second was a Greek Rock special where we listened with  


A nice philosophical discussion with my friend Rena about friendship. Why we lose friends and is there competition between friends.  More information and listen to the radio show (in Greek).

Greek Rock Special

Nice show I participated where we listened with Giannis some Greek rock anthems selected by Nikos and our Greek rock memories. More information and listen to the radio show (in Greek).

Hellas Pinkdakaas - Tribute to Greek Rock

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Olive picking weekend

November is the start of the olive picking season in Greece and having olive fields in Chalkidiki, me and my family are also involved in this. This year I invited more people to come volunteer and participate in the olive picking. Marco from the Netherlands, Heloise from France, Cam from Australia, Fam from Norway and Dimitris from Greece joined me, my sister Villy and my mother in the olive picking process. The weather helped in making it more enjoyable as it was unusually warm and sunny.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Suriname - Aruba - Curacao

The summer of 2009 my family and I had a chance to do our first transantlantic flight and familiarize with some countries that we hardly knew couple of time ago.

Suriname: Suriname is a country in south America but due to its diverse history, different cultures have developed and coexist here that make the place so unique. You hardly find any tourists in the capital Paramaribo (called wooden city because of the wooden houses). Although it was humid and hot, I enjoyed a lot walking around its market and tasting local food.
The highlight, though in our trip to Suriname was the excursion to the national park Voltzberg/Ralleighvallen. We had the chance then to see how it is in a real jungle get to know the local people even more and see unforgettable sceneries. The flight was with a small plane which gave us the chance to enjoy the view of Paramaribo as well as tropical rain falling in the jungle from the air. The place we stayed amazed us and we couldn't get enough of watching the view to the river from our balcony. Although we ve never been more tired, the 8-hour walk through the jungle to the top of the mountain Voltzberg was will always remain in our memories, but also bathing under the waterfalls when this was over.

Aruba: Aruba is a Carribean island with a a very cosmopolitan atmosphere and is quite touristic. What is the most amazing about this island is the kilometers long sandy beaches with the turquoise sea colour at the west part of the island, where one can enjoy a beautiful sunset. We also enjoyed snorkeling at Baby beach and watching colourful and big fishes approaching us. If you want to avoid the commercial restaurants try local cuisine at Nos Cunucu. Typical of the island's fauna and fauna is the divi divi trees and the cactuses as well as the lizards and iguanas.

Curacao: The capital Wilhelmstad of Curacao is a lively Carribean town with beautiful dutch architecture along the main canal and beautiful colourful houses all over. The north-west part of the island contains some not very frequented but very beautiful beaches (Grote Knip among them with green sea colour) and picturesque lagoons where you might see flamingos and other tropical birds. It is also fascinating watching the big waves in the north-east part in the Shete Boka (seven small gulfs) national park.
See all pictures we have taken...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Okido Yoga Workcamp

The second SCI workcamp I have ever participated in was once again in the Netherlands. It was in a center for a special kind of Yoga, Okido Yoga, in Laren, Gelderland. I was very excited right from the beginnng when I expressed my interest to become a coordinator of the workcamp in a meeting of VIA (the dutch brunch of SCI where I am active in). I thought it would be a unique experience, especially as I would get to know more about a different culture and way of life.

14 volunteers, all from different countries and from different age groups were there. Jasmin from Uk, who had been in the center 15 years ago was coordinating our work, Donja from Netherlands and me from Greece were workcamp coordinators, Rita from Australia, who had introduced the center to SCI, Mojca from Slovenia, Peg from US, Sabina from Croatia, Leena from Finland, Slavo from Poland, Damiano from Italy, Merve from Turkey, Anita from Austria, Sanna from Sweden and Sarah from Ireland. Mizue from Japan was responsible for the center and Yoga classes and Yunko was our great cook and massage specialist.

We had a great time during the workcamp doing garden work and , but also learned many things: ways to take care of our body, do exercises the right way, Shiatsu massage, health, nutrition, eastern culture and food. The work in the garden we were mostly busy with was also interesting, as we saw innovative ways of recycling material, making compost, creating brick steps, doing cement work, and making a pond and a little hill. But most importantly we got to know new people plus did many things together including the trip to Amsterdam and Zutphen, playing games, dancing with locals and sitting around the fire in the evening and a bicycle trip that I missed.

A report about the workcamp in the local newspaper (in Dutch)

Monday, January 21, 2008

With Couchsurfing on German TV (RTL)

I have been participating since May 2007 in Couchsurfing an internet community for hosting people and being hosted. Through this amazing community I got the chance to get to know many people from all over the world.
One interesting experience I had was participating in the creation of a short reportage for the German TV Channel RTL prepared by Mirjam. I hosted Ulf from Köln in my house in Amsterdam and was filmed.

Other couchsurfing Videos:
Mega Channel Morning show (Greek)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me and cycling

As most of my friends know, my relationship with cycling is quite special. Many Greeks consider it weird that I was using it as my main means of transport in Athens. I was also participating at Podilates cycling community in order to promote cycling as a means of transport in Athens.
I was also very excited when Evridiki asked me to contribute with a mini-interview (pdf) at Kathimerini's weekly magazine "K" in her article on Cycling in Greece.

Having moved to Amsterdam, a paradise for cyclists, I decided to start a "Cycling Report from Amsterdam" blog (in greek) in order to communicate things I see here that might be interesting for the greek cyclists. Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Moving to Amsterdam

This is my last week in Athens. In 10 days from now I ll be living and working in Amsterdam. I am not sure I have realized that. I am flying on September 11th - watch out terrorrists! Don't ask me how long I 'll stay, time will show. I feel excitement for the new life but melancholy for what I am leaving behind, mixed with some stress for the last minute arrangements.